Our state of the art 100,000 Sq. foot facility includes several bulk storage, cold storage, onion drying and advanced packing rooms. This innovative space and technology allows us to constantly adapt alongside an ever-changing produce industry.

As a result, Hearty Fresh is proud to offer complete customization to create and produce any specification OUR CUSTOMERS desire. Below is a list of specs we are currently utilizing to pack fresh produce:

  • Private Label Cases

  • Private Labeling

  • Bins (Full Bins, 1/2 Bins, Split Bins)

  • Cut & Husked Sweet Corn

  • Pillow Packs

  • Onion Specs:

    • 10 lb, 25 lb & 50 lb Mesh Header Bags

    • 2 lb, 3 lb & 5 lb Consumer Bags

    • 10-40 lb Carton Sizes Available

  • Tray Overwrap

  • Flow Wrap

  • Shrink Wrap

  • Re-usable Plastic Containers

  • Display Ready Cases

  • Poly Bags (1-50 lb)

  • Mesh Bags (1-50 lb)

  • High Graphic Pouches

  • Sleeves

  • Split Cases (1/4 Case, 1/2 Case, or Specific Count)

iN ADDITION, HEARTY FRESH offers services such as re-packing and re-grading any commodity to meet our customer’s desired specifications and quality expectations.